UW women’s soccer team draws on ‘incredible inspiration’ of Megan Rapinoe’s storied career

SEATTLE — Every day on the University of Washington Husky soccer field, women who have worked their way to the highest levels of competition look up to one player in particular.

That player is Megan Rapinoe.

Husky Head Coach Nicole Van Dyke says that describing Rapinoe’s impact is challenging.

“She’s done so much, where do you even start?” said Van Dyke. “Megan Rapinoe is just an incredible inspiration.”

As an inspiration to all players who seek to fiercely challenge opponents on and off the field, Rapinoe is also an outspoken agent for change.

“Seeing her being so vocal outside the field as well has been really cool to see she can bring that leadership quality that she has on the field and take it into the media and into her daily life,” said UW goalkeeper Olivia Juarez.

A daily life that began publicly inside the lines of the field now continues on the front lines of life.

“As a member of the LGBT community, like she’s done a lot to bring a voice to the community and empower the community as well, and everyone after the World Cup had purple hair and was doing her goal celebration,” said UW soccer player Megan Nail.

Those are sentiments echoed by women she’s already met, and millions that she never will.

“She gives you the platform to think you can be whatever you want,” said Van Dyke. “For generations to come, she will be remembered for the legacy that she has left, and it’s also equally exciting to see what she does next.”

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