UW revises new COVID-19 model to project 200,000-plus deaths by Oct. 1

SEATTLE — The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on Monday released updated projections for the number of coronavirus deaths in the US.

Their model now projects 201,129 projected deaths by Oct. 1 – an increase of 31,239 projected deaths from their previous estimate released on June 10.

According to their model, there have been about 115,689 coronavirus-related deaths so far.

In Washington, reopening continues on a county -by -county basis, but the report is showing the infection rate is just beginning to rise to a higher level.

The state epidemiologist said that's a warning.

“It's really the time to double down on things like handwashing, disinfection of common spaces and face coverings or face masks,” said Dr. Scott Lindquist.

The biggest hotspot is Yakima County, where health department workers are handing out hundreds of thousands of masks.