Tunnel boring machine ‘MudHoney’ reaches destination in Wallingford

SEATTLE — MudHoney, an 18-foot diameter tunnel boring machine, finished its journey in Seattle from Ballard to Wallingford on Monday.

The machine tunneled 13,946 feet for an underground storage tunnel that’s part of the Ship Canal Water Quality Project.

The storage tunnel will significantly reduce polluted stormwater and wastewater that flows into the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Salmon Bay, and Lake Union during heavy storms, according to Seattle Public Utilities Wastewater Treatment Division.

Construction on the tunnel started in 2020.

The public helped come up with the tunnel boring machine’s moniker, which is named after the Seattle grunge band.

Now that MudHoney has broken through in Wallingford and the tunnel access shaft has been drained, we can get a look at the big drill. Take a look at the photo gallery at the top of this story.