Travel tips from SEA spokesperson as airport prepares for busy holiday travel

SEATAC, Wash. — This week kicks off a season full of busy holiday travel.

At the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, officials say they expect just over a million passengers between Tuesday and Monday of next week.

Perry Cooper, the spokesperson for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport told us on Monday that the busiest day of the week will be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The second busiest will be Sunday.

“We’re looking at about 175,000 people coming through the airport on Wednesday that’s connecting arriving and departing and the busiest day after that is going to be Sunday with about 171,000,” said Cooper.

Some travelers we spoke to are serious about skipping the congested conditions making sure they’re travel days are outside of this busy window.

With plenty of passengers to keep the airport full, ongoing construction in ticketing areas and baggage claim could also exacerbate travel delays so here are some of the best tips when traveling:

  • SEA Spot Saver: “If you don’t have pre-check or any of our other trusted traveling programs like clear TSA spot saver is a virtual reservation for a 15-minute period in the point, it’s free, and you can do it 5 days in advance, and jump the line for general screening passengers,” said Perry Cooper
  • Avoid the ticketing counters: Many airlines like Alaska encourage passengers to check in and get their boarding pass online.
  • Be EARLY: Cooper told us that all passengers flying domestically should be in the terminal two hours early, and if you’re flying internationally make it three hours early.
  • Plan ahead with pick-ups: If you’re picking up passengers this week don’t add to the congestion in arrivals by parking at the curb. Head to the cell phone lot or park for 90 minutes free in general parking (all levels except the fourth floor) between 8 p.m. and midnight. This free 90-minute parking is an extension to a pilot program introduced this past weekend.
  • Parking: Know where to park and budget time to park and enter the terminal. There’s long-term and short-term parking on site and many park-and-ride shuttle options. Choose which option is best for you and explore the options available by clicking here.