Toxic plant that causes blindness, 3rd degree burns spotted in Clark County

Clark County officials are warning people after the toxic plant giant hogweed was spotted near Salmon Creek.

The dangerous plant, listed as a Class A noxious weed, can grow up to 20 feet tall with leaves that can span more than three feet.

Its clear, watery sap can cause burning blisters, especially if the skin is exposed to sunlight within 48 hours. The plant can also cause blindness.

Officials said the toxic plant was spotted in the upper reaches of Salmon Creek, its seeds can float downstream.

Clark County's vegetation management is working to get rid of the plant the toxic weed.

Officials said that cow parsnip, a native plant in the area, looks similar to the giant hogweed.

Anyone who spots the weed can contact your county's Noxious Weed Control Board.

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