Toddler struck and killed after falling out of moving vehicle

EVERETT, Wash. — There was a tragedy in the North Sound on Friday. A 2-year-old girl fell out of her parents’ vehicle, then was struck and killed.

The accident happened on 19th Avenue Southeast, just south of 112th Street Southeast in Everett.

This was a devastating scene for everyone involved. After she was hit, the little girl was rushed over here to this gas station and given CPR.

But she could not be saved.

Sadness hung over this 76 gas station along busy 19th Avenue Southeast, where the girl breathed her last.

Ashley Bailey says she has seen various accidents on 19th Avenue Southeast in her two years in the neighborhood.

“Oh, absolutely,” said Bailey. “People are mostly careful but you will get people who don’t pay attention walking through.”

But she says what happened here on a blustery Friday afternoon was different.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of someone passing,” Bailey said.

According to Everett police, the vehicle that the toddler was in — with her parents believed inside — was heading southbound on 19th Avenue Southeast and just crossing the intersection with 112th.

That was when the little girl fell out onto the roadway. A vehicle that was behind them couldn’t stop in time and ran over her.

“So, the circumstance surrounding the child falling out of the vehicle is still under investigation,” said Everett Police Officer Kerby Duncan.

Duncan says the driver who hit the child stopped. Those at the scene, as well as Everett police, performed CPR.

But they couldn’t save the little girl — a tragedy her family will likely live with for a lifetime.

Despite that, Officer Duncan says there are precautions drivers can take when a toddler or child is in the vehicle.

“Yeah,” he said, “when you have a child that small, we highly recommend, and you’re legally required to, keep your child in a car seat and just make sure that they are secured in there, buckled in and that you have child safety locks and the windows are up.”

Officer Duncan says the driver who hit the child stopped and will not face charges.

Just how the child fell out of the car is being investigated. Officer Duncan was reluctant to say whether the parents will face charges, mindful that the family has just lost a 2-year-old. But he did say the parents’ involvement is part of the investigation.