Toddler injured after falling out of second-story apartment window

EVERETT, Wash. — A toddler boy is recovering after falling out of a second-story window Thursday morning in Everett.

According to a release from the Everett Fire Department, crews were called to an apartment in south Everett for a report of a 3-year-old boy who pushed open a screen and fell from the second-story apartment.

Crews who arrived at the scene took the boy to Providence Regional Medical Center.

He was treated for a non-life-threatening laceration to his head but was discharged later, officials said.

Firefighters said a month ago, crews responded to a similar call, where a 4-year-old had fallen out of a second-story apartment window and was seriously injured.

Last year, Snohomish County recorded 22 falls from a window.

Everett Fire said nearly 5,000 children are injured from window falls, most between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.

Firefighters are advising parents and caregivers of small children to take precautions concerning window safety as summer approaches.

Below are some safety tips provided by firefighters from the National Safety Council and Safe Kids Worldwide to help prevent window falls:

  • Supervise children to keep child’s play away from windows, balconies, or patio doors.
  • Don’t rely on insect screens to prevent a window fall. Insect screens are designed to keep bugs out, not to keep children from falling out a window. The weight of a child can easily push through a screen.
  • Install window guards and stops. Properly installed window guards prevent unintentional window falls. For windows above the first floor, include an emergency release device in case of fire. Window stops are also a great idea. They allow fresh air and a cross breeze and still ensure windows can’t open wide enough for kids to fall out.
  • Keep kids from climbing near windows. For your crawlers and climbers, move chairs, cribs and other furniture away from windows to help prevent window falls.
  • When opening a window for ventilation, use those located out of a child’s reach. Never open a window more than 4 inches.

Firefighters said most window falls are preventable.