Five arrested in King County drug bust

The Shoreline Police’s Special Emphasis Team (SET) and King County Sheriff Deputies have removed narcotics off the street from drug trafficking organizations as part of a lengthy investigation.

Three men were booked into King County Jail and were released on bail, while two other suspects are waiting to be charged, according to Shoreline Police.

Approximately $3.25 million in narcotics were seized, which included:

• 64.3 pounds of fentanyl powder.

• 253,704 M30 fentanyl pills.

• 3.1 pounds of heroin.

• 1.7 pounds of cocaine.

• 1.7 pounds of fentanyl-laced cocaine.

• 2.4 pounds of Methamphetamine.

• $32,836 in cash.

• 2 firearms.

• 1 vehicle.

There is no word on when or whether the two suspects will be charged.