‘They lost everything in the gym’: Multiple people targets of Lynnwood locker room thieves

LYNNWOOD, Wash. — Imagine working up a sweat at the gym and then seeing your credit card is racking up charges. That’s what happened to a number of people using the Lynnwood gyms. Police said suspects broke into lockers and cleaned them out.

The gyms targeted are the Lynnwood L.A. Fitness and 24-Hour Fitness. The most recent theft happened on Halloween around 12:45 p.m. at the 24-Hour Fitness. We talked with members from gyms who said the facility hasn’t said a peep about the thefts.

“I have not heard one thing from them. I would have liked to know,” said Mark Mallory, an L.A. Fitness member. 

“It can definitely make me second guess at least coming to this location,” Michael Morris, a 24-Hour Fitness member.

The suspects, according to Lynnwood Police, broke into lockers, cleaned them out, and within the hour, went on a spending spree and swiped the cards as many times as they could.

“One of my friends, they lost everything in the gym,” said one L.A. Fitness member. ‘He went and did his two-hour workout and went back and wallet gone phone gone, everything was gone.”

She said her morning yoga instructor was the only person at L.A. Fitness who mentioned the thefts. Her friend’s locker was cleaned out months ago. Police couldn’t say how many lockers were broken into. We called 24-Hour Fitness twice, they took contact information but didn’t call back. L.A. Fitness declined to comment.

“If you’re going to ask for about $60 for people to attend the facility you can provide them with a lock or something,” said Morris.

Police also said the security images shared of the suspects are from a third place, but they wouldn’t say where. They urge gym goers to take their wallets and anything valuable with them while working out.

“I think as like a short-term band-aid that’s a great solution but if there are a bunch of carjackers roaming around and the police said alright everyone walk to work ok I’m down with that for a little bit but you have to solve the problem,” said Morris.

Police are still looking for the suspects, if you know who they are call Lynnwood Detective at 425-670-5628.