Teens charged in deadly carjacking outside Federal Way O’Reilly’s Auto Parts

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — An 18-year-old and a 19-year-old are now being charged with shooting and killing a man in Federal Way outside an O’Reilly’s auto parts store on Pacific Highway South.

Investigators believe both teens were involved in a string of violent crimes before the carjacking on October 25.

In the carjacking case, prosecutors are charging both Alhusaine Drammeh, 18, and Jonathan Montejano, 19, with first degree murder.

Court documents say the two teens started following the victim, Robert Blowe, “simply because they liked the look of the car and wanted it.”

Investigators say Blowe pulled into O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and went inside to borrow a tool. He was sitting in the driver’s seat with his door open, when prosecutors say video shows the two suspects “cautiously approached the Charger, one on the driver side and one on the passenger side.”

Documents also say that Drammeh later admitted to police that “he pointed his pistol at Blowe and asked him where the keys were at. Drammeh said Blowe surrendered the vehicle keys but then produced a handgun and fired at them. Drammeh said he and Montejano fired their pistols at Blowe before fleeing in the Jeep.”

The victim died at the scene in the parking lot.

Prosecutors say 10 days before the deadly carjacking, Drammeh was also involved in several crimes in Kent.

He’s accused of following a couple home from a casino and trying to enter their home. The family managed to close the door right before he got inside. That happened on October 15.

Drammeh is also accused of storming another home in Kent with several accomplices, holding the family members there at gunpoint, and ransacking the home.

Prosecutors say “Drammeh and his accomplices held a young 5-year-old boy at gunpoint while they robbed the victims of their personal belongings, and warned the adult victims to ‘tell the baby not to cry’ as they plundered the residence.”

The home invasion robbery happened on October 16.

According to court documents, Drammeh also admitted that he and Montejano carjacked a victim of their Jeep in Lake Stevens on October 22. That’s the vehicle they were in when the deadly carjacking happened in Federal Way.

Montejano is also accused of carjacking three other people, plus burglarizing at least one gun shop in Kent between August and September.

Evidence of the crimes that the suspects are accused of were found in their homes.

Both Drammeh and Montejano were arrested and are being held in the King County Jail without bail.

They’re next scheduled to appear on November 27.