Tacoma plumbers deliver toilet paper, essentials during COVID-19 crisis

TACOMA, Wash. — A Pierce County plumbing company is raising its commitment to protect the public.

"A little present from us just to make sure you can flush your toilet and stay clean,” said Richard Hart.

These days, one small roll of toilet paper can spread tremendous generosity.

"People are super friendly and excited and one lady, one of our technicians told us the other day, brought up some tears when he handed out the toilet paper,” said Hart.

Hart and Dan Hartsough own Harts Services. The Tacoma-based plumbing company is an essential service. They’re staying busy by doing close to 100 repairs a week.

"There's not really anyone else who's prepared to take care of these water heaters that are going out, these sewers that are collapsing on the residential side. These problems are still happening, they don't just stop because of the pandemic,” said Hartsough.

Workers are taking precautions, which includes wearing new shoe covers and gloves at every job.

Lately, they've come across some questionable plumbing troubles.

"They were flushing pieces of T-shirt down their toilet because they were out of toilet paper, that's probably one of the worst things we have seen so far,” said Hartsough.

Which is one of the reasons the company is handing out toilet paper everywhere they go.

"It's surprising what toilet paper can do for people,” said Hartsough.

In the midst of replacing pipes and repairing plumbing, they're also offering to run errands for customers who don't feel safe leaving their homes.

"We'll do a grocery store run or a pharmacy run for them and pick up some stuff for them if we can,” said Hartsough.

They may be small steps, but they're making a big difference.

"We are here and the world needs us, they've always needed us, but it's a little bit more apparent right now,” said Hartsough.

For the first time, Hart Services is offering zero interest payments for a year so customers don’t have to worry about paying for repair costs during the coronavirus crisis.