Suspected killer ‘broke a lot of hearts’

TACOMA, Wash. — A suspect is in custody in a quadruple homicide that has devastated several South Sound families. Now they are hoping for answers.

A 22-year-old Tacoma man is in custody tonight for allegedly murdering four people, three of them from the same family.

Now a grieving family member is speaking out, hoping for justice.

Incredibly, this suspect lives in this very same Salishan community. The victims’ relatives tell us they don’t know him. And they desperately want to know why he did this to four people they dearly loved.

“I want to ask him why; I just don’t know why. I want to ask him why he did this.”

That is what is tugging at Marlene Williams’ heart on the ninth long day since a gunman shattered her family outside the home where she has lived for 12 years.

“Why would someone want to do this to them?” she asked. “The best people you could ever, ever meet.”

Those people were her 22-year-old son, Raymond, her 42-year-old daughter, Maria Nunez, her 19-year-old grandson, Emery Iese, and her son’s 22-year-old girlfriend, Natasha Brincefield.

Then Friday, amid her grief, she got a bit of good news.

“It hurts,” said Williams. “When I found out they had found somebody, oh I was, I was crying because I have been asking everybody, everybody, I want this guy to be found.”

It turns out the suspect lives less than a half-mile away in their Salishan neighborhood. Tacoma police say they took the 22-year-old man into custody without incident. His family would not talk to us, but they appeared to be moving out.

Tacoma police say they are trying to determine why in a case that has hit them hard too.

“Our detectives did some excellent work here,” said Officer Wendy Haddow. “And we know this leaves everyone with more questions than answers. And we understand that. But I, myself, am very happy that this case has been solved.”

“They worked hard, and they found the guy so soon,” said Williams. “I’m just so grateful.”

Williams says she is gratified with the quick arrest. But she won’t rest until she knows why.

“If I get to speak to him, I want to ask him why did he do it to my kids, my family,” she said.

Williams says she will not return to live in this house. And the people who run this community say they will find her a new home.

She says all four people will be remembered at a service on Nov. 10.

The suspect should make his first court appearance Monday.