Suspected DUI driver arrested after attempted getaway, crashing into patrol vehicles

BOTHELL, Wash. — A man suspected of driving under the influence of drugs was arrested after attempting to flee from officers, crashing into two police vehicles and another car Wednesday, Lynnwood police said.

Officials said police were conducting surveillance at a Bothell apartment complex for a Lynnwood case when they came across a “suspected drugged driver” unrelated to the case they were on.

The driver was reportedly slumped over the wheel of his vehicle and appeared to be struggling to breathe, police said. In the passenger seat, police said they saw drug paraphernalia.

Before officers could check on the man’s condition, police said he came to, saw them and threw the car into gear.

When asked multiple times to stop and get out of the car, authorities said he accelerated and smashed into a patrol vehicle, nearly hitting an officer. He then shifted into reverse, slamming into an occupied vehicle.

Then the suspect attempted to drive up a muddy hill, but his car stalled, law enforcement said.

According to police, a sergeant at the scene tried to get the driver to exit the car. When the man did not get out, the officer broke the driver’s window to remove him.

While the officer was breaking the window, police said, “one of our officers witnessed the man attempting to quickly smoke something using the paraphernalia.”

After the man was out of the car, he was taken into custody, authorities said.

The sergeant suffered an injury to his hand, police said.