Suspected crab pot thieves identified in Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Three suspected crab pot thieves are in hot water after WDFW officers executed a warrant in connection with recent crab and crab pot thefts around Puget Sound.

In response to recent thefts around Puget Sound, a WDFW officer set up a sting operation to catch the thieves. They utilized decoy crab pots and placed them under 24-hour surveillance.

Two suspects in two boats were observed taking the crabs from the pots, while a third suspect pulled up in a different boat and took the crab pots.

A warrant was granted by the Snohomish County Prosecutors Office in response to a WDFW request.

During the execution of the warrant, officers located the decoy crab buoys and pots on the property. Other pots were also seized that did not match the names of those persons listed on the property.

This investigation resulted in two felonies and multiple misdemeanors, which include a second and a third-degree felony charge and seven other infractions.