Deputies arrest second suspect in Port Angeles triple homicide

PORT ANGELES, Wash. — A second suspect in a triple homicide in Port Angeles was arrested over the weekend.

Clallam County deputies arrested 34-year-old Kallie Ann Wade – also known as Kallie Ann Letellier and/or Kallie Ann Buchanan - at a home east of Port Angeles Saturday.

Deputies say Wade was wanted for second-degree murder for her role in the deaths of 57-year-old Darrell C. Iverson, 27-year-old Jordan D. Iverson, and 26-year-old Tiffany May.

Wade was booked into the Clallam County Jail.

On Thursday, 50-year-old Dennis M. Bauer was taken into custody without incident and booked on three counts of investigation of second-degree murder in relation to the deaths. Deputies found the bodies on New Year's Eve. They were shot to death. Follow this link for previous coverage of the Port Angeles triple homicide.

Bauer appeared in front of a judge for a first time Friday afternoon. Superior Court Judge Brian Coughenour set Bauer’s bail for $3.5 million.

“The PC document is very lengthy and very detailed, indicating  how gruesome and brazen this act and these acts were,” a prosecutor said in court.

The documents are 39 pages and cover interviews with nearly a dozen people, telling a complicated story involving drugs.

“It appears that marijuana was involved, but more importantly, methamphetamine and heroin,” said Clallam County Sheriff Bill Benedict.

The documents say in an interview with detectives, Bauer admitted he had visited the Iverson’s multiple times, and “traded tools to Darrell (the victim) for meth in return.” He said on other occasions he’s traded firearms for meth.

Someone close with Bauer interviewed with investigators, and according to the documents, said part of the motive behind the murders also involved Kallie Buchanan/Wade/ Letellier. In the interview, he said he overheard conversations between Bauer and Kallie, and believed that Kallie was the one who shot May, while Bauer shot the two Iversons.

The document reads:

"Ryan then overheard Dennis and Kallie discussing details of the shooting in their room after they
got back-still on the day after Christmas. This was before there was any media news of the
homicides. Specifically, Ryan heard them say that:

Dennis had been in the house talking to Tiffany. For some reason, Dennis was worried
about Tiffany's phone.

Kallie said that Dennis walked out the front door of the house and shot the men who were
outside while Kallie and Tiffany were still in the house. Kallie said it was a bunch of

Dennis spoke of shooting both males and said that he emptied the “clip."

Tiffany ran outside and Kallie followed.

Kallie said that she followed and then shot Tiffany and Dennis put Tiffany in a shed.

Dennis said that he "folded her the f---- up" into a garage or shed.”

“The whole issue was that Dennis had a beef with Darrell over keeping Kallie and holding her as a ‘pet,’” the document said.

The sheriff is not definitely confirming who shot whom at the time. But adds, “Information we have now indicates she’s definitely implicated in this murder,” Benedict said.

In addition to her alleged role in the deaths, the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office said Wade has two outstanding Clallam County Superior Court bench warrants for trafficking in stolen property, bail jumping, and forgery.

Bauer will be formally charged on Tuesday, tentatively on three counts of second-degree murder.

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