Study: Seattleites spend most in nation on takeout, $2,520 annually

A charburger from the Silverdale The Habit Burger Grill.
Sue Kidd, The News Tribune

There’s little easier in life than not making your own food, and Seattleites are apparently doing plenty of that. You’re probably reading this while eating takeout right now.

A new study measured how much each city spends on takeout and delivery, and Seattle residents topped the list, reports The Daily Meal. This is according to data from DNA health testing company Vitagene, which somehow relates to restaurant food studies.

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On average, Seattle residents spend a whopping $210 per month on takeout food. That's an annual bill of $2,520, and, if anyone's counting, a lifetime cost of $151,200. Vitagene gathered the data by looking at government consumer data for each city, and collecting the average number of takeout meals each week, along with local grocery costs.

Over a lifetime, Seattleites spend $8,000 more than Pittsburgh residents at second place, which breaks down to $11 more monthly. San Francisco residents spend the next highest, and Detroit residents are at the bottom at $142 per month.

Because they seem determined to make everyone feel guilty about takeout spending habits, Vitagene also determined how much local residents could save if they went without takeout and only prepared meals at home. Seattleites would save $1,425 annually if they only ate homemade meals, but what fun would that be?

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