Striking concrete mixer drivers offer to return to several Seattle-area projects

SEATTLE — Dozens of striking concrete mixer drivers in the Seattle area could be back on the job as soon as Tuesday morning.

Teamsters Local 174 said in a news release Monday that their workers are offering to return to work at Cadman Seattle, Lehigh Cement and Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel.

The union represents more than 300 concrete drivers who have been on strike since November.

The move, which they’re calling a “good-faith gesture,” will allow concrete to be delivered to critical projects in and around Seattle, including the West Seattle Bridge, Sound Transit, the Washington State Convention Center and the Highway 520 Bridge.

“I want to thank Teamsters Local 174 for taking this extraordinary step forward toward ensuring concrete again flows on critical infrastructure projects,” said Mayor Bruce Harrell in a tweet. “As negotiations continue, companies should follow this example in seeking good faith solutions.”

Teamsters say they will continue negotiations with each employer individually until contracts are reached.

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