Haze hangs over Seattle as smoke from B.C. wildfires drifts into Washington

SEATTLE — A haze hangs over Seattle as smoke drifts into Western Washington from wildfires burning in British Columbia

Chopper 7 flew about a mile away from the downtown waterfront, where its camera lens could hardly make out the Seattle skyline because of the haze. High temperatures and winds will combine to damage air quality for the next few days.

What to know about air quality 

State agencies are warning people that Wednesday may be a day where the air quality will force some people to take precautions.

All counties across Western Washington currently have air quality considered to be “moderate,” meaning the air quality is OK, but may cause some problems for those susceptible to poor air quality.

Those who are sensitive to air pollution should avoid strenuous outdoor activities or stay indoors.

The Washington State Department of Ecology says the air quality may worsen because of the 150 fires burning in the interior of British Columbia as well as the local high temperatures.

Check the air quality by clicking here.

What this means for flights 

The air quality and haze is also having an effect on flights in and out of Sea-Tac Airport.

On Tuesday, a ground delay of a half-hour was issued. On Wednesday morning, the smoke was causing an average 47 minute delay.

Community events being monitored

KIRO 7 spoke with the YMCA in Olympia Tuesday, where staff were taking precautions from the heat and canceled practices and games.

"The prediction on Monday was that it was going to get up to 107 degrees later this week. Right now, they’re saying about 103. Either way, it’s record-breaking and we don’t feel like it’s a safe thing that our kids should be out playing soccer, possibly getting dehydrated and looking at the possibility of extreme temperatures and heat related illnesses,” said Sarah Clinton with South Sound YMCA.