16-year-old boy shot to death in Renton Walmart parking lot

Police say they’re searching for the person who shot and killed a 16-year-old boy inside a Mercedes-Benz in the Renton Walmart parking lot Sunday afternoon.

The boy’s grandfather, Cedric Walker Sr., called KIRO 7 and identified Emarion Walker Black as the teen killed in the shooting.

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Walker Sr. said Emarion, a father of two, meant everything to his family.

Renton police said the 16-year-old was driving the Mercedes-Benz and had met two other people in the parking lot.

There was an altercation inside the car and one of the passengers shot the teen in the chest, according to police, who then crashed into the side of the Walmart building.

Police said Emarion died on scene.

Investigators said Sunday evening they were not yet ready to release details on what started the altercation or why the trio had met in the parking lot.

"My grandson was a good child,” said the teen’s grandmother Glenda Gipson Bentley. "Whatever happened down here, I don't know, but he wasn't involved in no kind of gang crap or none of that stuff.

Police said the shooter escaped but the second passenger there during the altercation stayed on scene and is cooperating with the investigation.

The teen’s grandmother told KIRO 7 that Emarion was the second grandchild she’s lost to gun violence in recent months.

Glenda Gipson Bentley said she had another grandson gunned down as he picked up his girlfriend from her job at a Lakewood nightclub last year.

"All this violence needs to stop,” said Gipson Bentley. “"It needs to come to a freaking end and I'm so tired of it."

Call the Renton Police Department with tips regarding this deadly shooting investigation