Sheriff: More possible victims of ‘sleeper creeper' who broke into women's bedrooms

Mason County Sheriff Office investigators believe more women could be victims in the so-called “sleeper creeper” case, where a man broke into homes in middle of the night.

Deputies released three close-up photos that showed people's feet while they were in bed. >> See photos here. 

KIRO 7 News reported on the case in April when an intruder appeared in women's bedrooms.

"He was standing on this chair," said victim Bethany Brown. "And he was touching my feet … And then when I woke up, He had gone off over here and disappeared around the corner."

Six young women in Mason County have reported something similar happening to them, but many didn't call 911.

There are striking coincidences between the victims: The women are 17 to 22 years old, they live with other people, they work in the service industry, and they are avid users of social media especially Facebook.

The suspect would get into the women’s bedrooms through unlocked home doors.

Police arrested a suspect in April after reports of an intruder. KIRO 7 was in court when Chase Garner was arraigned in Shelton.

Anyone with information on the case should contact police.