Seattle police: Man assaults, chokes woman in Whole Foods restroom

A woman who was cleaning a Whole Foods restroom was allegedly choked by a man during an attack that lasted three to four minutes, according to the Seattle Police Department.

At around 3:36 p.m. on July 18, a Seattle police officer was making a purchase at a Whole Foods in the 2200 block of Westlake Avenue, when employees told him a co-worker had just been assaulted.

Through a translator, the woman told the officer she was cleaning the women’s bathroom inside the Whole Foods, which was closed off with an “out of service” sign.

She said a man entered the bathroom and proceeded to choke her with her hands in an attack that lasted three to four minutes.

The woman said she did not lose consciousness and was eventually able to get away.

As she ran out of the bathroom, the man apologized for the attack, and she hit her leg on the door.

The man then went outside and sat on a bench until officers were advised who he was and spoke to him.

The man told police he had walked into the store, where he bought and ate some food.

He said he walked over to the counter to talk with an employee, but ended up getting into an argument with the employee.

He said he watched the woman walk into the bathroom, then ran out screaming and causing a disturbance.

He told police he didn’t choke the woman.

Officers reviewed surveillance footage from the store and saw the man enter the bathroom, but then running out soon afterwards.

On the video, the woman exited the bathroom next, pointing and gesturing at the man.

The woman was treated for injuries to her leg and neck.

The man was arrested on investigation of assault and was transported to King County Jail.