Veterinary clinic on wheels stolen from Seattle nonprofit

SEATTLE — Seattle Veterinary Outreach had its ambulance stolen Thursday morning, forcing the nonprofit to cancel its event scheduled for Friday.

The organization provides veterinary care for pet owners who are either homeless or low-income.

“It’s not just an ambulance, it’s what people look for, they’re looking for us,” Rachele Raj, the outreach’s executive director, said.

“Everything was inside of it. It’s really a full-functioning veterinary hospital on wheels,” said Raj.

Surveillance video caught the whole thing on camera. The video shows two people walking up, getting into the ambulance, then driving off.

“You can see them trying to get inside, and once they’re inside, they’re there for about five minutes (and then) they take off and head south,” Raj said.

The ambulance is hard to miss, but Edmonds Police still haven’t found it or the people who took it.

“We were fortunate to just receive a new contract with King County to buy all new prescription medications, which we had just purchased and loaded. And it’s all gone,” Raj said.

“We probably had 150 to 200 pounds of pet food in that ambulance that was all going to go to the community,” said Raj.

The outreach said it will have to slow things down for now and won’t be able to do the clinic that was planned this week.

They hope the community will step in to help. If you’d like to donate click here: https://www.seattlevet.org/donatetoday