• Seattle listed as 5th most expensive city in US for renters


    A 2017 study lists Seattle as the fifth most expensive city for renters in the United States. 

    Online realtor, Nested, ranked Seattle as the 5th in its  Rental Affordability Index 2017, with rent for a single person averaging $1,288.76.

    San Francisco and New York City are at the top of the list. The average cost of rent in both cities is at $2,000 or above, according to Nested. 

    Apartment List's blog "Rentonomics" also released a study recently that analyzed the Seattle market. 

    "Despite the relatively flat growth at the national level, there are still plenty of cities where rental markets have yet to show signs of slowing. The Northwest part of the country continues to boom, with Tacoma, Washington topping our list of cities with the fastest growing rents. Seattle, Vancouver, Spokane, and Boise all also experienced year-over-year growth above 4.5 percent," it said.

    In January, Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg reported in January nearly 10,000 new apartments are set to open in Seattle during 2017. That's almost twice as many as in any previous year.

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