• Seattle glass studio creates art from cremation ashes


    A decades-old Seattle glass studio expanded beyond hand-blown ornaments and paperweights to art pieces with human cremation ashes.

    It takes a team of four people to create what Glass Eye Studio calls celebration ashes: colorful glass memorials in tribute to lost friends, loved ones and even pets.

    Since starting the project four years ago, the studio has crafted nearly 12,000 pieces.

    Some Seattle projects pitch alternatives to traditional burials for environmental reasons, but this glass studio focuses on providing people a tangible connection to a loved one who has passed.

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    “Letting go of a loved one can be difficult,” says Glass Eye Studio president, Ted Smith. “Our art glass memorials have brought comfort to thousands of families.”

    Hundreds on social media share their art and tributes from the studio -- saying it's an incredible to remember their loved ones. 

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