Seattle DOT creates food pick-up priority signs to help restaurants stay afloat

SEATTLE — The City of Seattle is giving more help to restaurants hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The city is setting aside food pick-up zones to keep people buying from restaurants while there’s a temporary ban on on-site dining.

The city unveiled “food pick up priority” signs at at least 11 restaurants so far and expects to add more as restaurants become aware of the program.

The Seattle Department of Transportation said the first locations to receive the temporary loading zones will be in areas with high concentrations of restaurants on blocks that do not otherwise have enough loading options.

The city is hoping the signs not only let drivers get easy access to pick up food but let people know restaurants are still open for business despite the shutdown proclamation.

Ever since Gov. Jay Inslee’s declaration earlier this week that restaurants and bars should close except for take-out, drive through and delivery, there’s been creative ideas to keep them going.

High-end fine dining icon Canlis went to burger and bagel stands which has so far stopped traffic with the large amount of people coming through.

Restaurants can request a loading zone near their location by emailing or calling 206-684-ROAD and provide a business address and contact information.

“We will work to figure out if there is appropriate space nearby to add temporary loading for food pickup,” SDOT said.

While the signs may not keep everyone in the business employed, the city hopes to help some stay afloat.