Seattle arsonist sentenced, says he was glad he was caught

VIDEO: Seattle arsonist sentenced

An arsonist who set multiple fires in Fremont said he's happy he was caught so that he can focus on getting treatment for his mental health issues.

Matthew Daniel Hooper, 39, pleaded guilty to one arson count, listing all charged offenses, and was sentenced to 89 months in custody with 18 months of community custody and a mental health investigation.

Police said they linked him to crime scenes through DNA, and charging documents say a charcoal lighter fluid bottle or evidence of the use of lighter fluid was found at three of the fires.

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When he was arrested, Hooper was homeless and had at least 23 previous arrests.

The lumber yard fire happened Saturday, Nov. 10 in the 300 block of West Ewing Street. The multiple-alarm fire at Gascoigne Lumber spanned a city block, destroyed five buildings and caused explosions.

Read additional details about Hooper and his fires here. Video from the day of Hooper's arrest is below.

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