Hourly Sea-Tac Airport parking rates will be higher, starting Thursday

Hourly Sea-Tac Airport parking garage rates are jumping to $8 an hour, starting this Thursday.

Airport officials said the increase will help “maintain fair market rates, support ongoing garage maintenance and customer service investments and keep pace with inflation and local tax increases.”

Premium parking on the 4th floor will be $10 an hour.

Weekly parking will jump from $169 to $222. Airport managers claimed inflation and tax increases are part of the reason for the price increases.

Some of the money will be used for upgrades, including more EV charging stations and extra digital help for drivers looking for a parking spot. Previous funds have been used for a major electrical project doubling electric vehicle charging stations in the garage, the installation of new LED lighting, and a smart camera parking guidance system with digital way-finding signage.

The system indicates the availability of parking stalls, including specific color indicators for dedicated stalls like ADA-accessible and electric vehicles.

Revenue from parking at Sea-Tac supports and funds the airport’s operating and capital budgets, including its current suite of capital projects that improve the airport customer experience from the drives to the gate. This includes major capital projects like C Concourse Expansion, SEA Gateway, and the S Concourse Evolution.

The curbside security and accessibility project adds safety bollards by each sky-bridge from the parking garage to the main terminal and on the arrivals and departures curbs to increase safety. ADA access is also improving with curb cuts added every 100 feet on the departures drive and a full zero-curb design on the arrivals drive. An additional 19 ADA loading zones will also be added across both drives.