Rumors swirl over sale of OL Reign, Sounders could be involved in purchase

The rumor mill is swirling over the sale of the OL Reign. And according to reports at Sportico, the Sounders may be considering purchasing the team.

Here’s what we know so far. The OL Reign, who will play for their first championship Saturday night, has been up for sale since April.

We spoke to the NWSL commissioner before Megan Rapinoe’s celebration game a few weeks ago and she said the sale of the team would be final by the end of this year, although did not get into specifics about potential buyers.

That said, the Reign and the Sounders have always had a very close, supportive relationship and they do play in the same stadium.

In terms of the money involved, NWSL teams have skyrocketed in value in the last few years. The Washington Spirit was recently sold for $35 million. Chicago for more than that and Sportico values the Reign at somewhere close to $50 million.

OL Groupe who owns the Reign currently bought the team in 2019 for a little over $3 million, so $3 million to $50 million, that’s a nice profit. And if they win their first title Saturday, even more valuable.

This would be the second big sale for the team which began in 2012. The Predmores, the original owners, are also said to be involved, they still retain a 7.5% stake.

A Reign spokesperson said they are focused on the championship game and will share any updates regarding a sale when they are available.

The Sounders are also preparing for a big match, their elimination game versus Dallas is Friday at Lumen Field. They sent out a statement on Wednesday.