• Proposed state legislation would tighten buffer zones on pot shops

    By: Rob Munoz


    A new proposed legislation set to be taken up in the next legislative session beginning Jan. 14 seeks to tighten pot shop “buffer zones.”

    HB 1003, sponsored by Rep. Brad Klippert (R) out of Kennewick would add preschools and school bus stops to the 1,000-foot zone pot shops must exist outside of.

    Current legislation already includes playgrounds and elementary schools.

    The new legislation would also be retroactive, stating the WSLCB could not renew licenses for pot shops who happen to fall within those regulations.

    KIRO 7 talked with Lux Pot Shop owner KC Franks who operates two stores, in Ballard and Lake City.

    His store in Ballard exists just over 1,000 feet away from a preschool, and he says in the era of uncertainty for the industry, the last thing they need is changing regulations.

    “We're always going to be dealing with some change in regulation, but the vast or statewide regulatory state things are difficult to operate in,” Franks says.

    School bus stops often change year to year in school districts.

    The state Liquor Cannabis Board told KIRO 7 it doesn’t take position on proposed legislation, but will enforce what the Legislature passes.

    Brad Smith with the WSLCB notes the Tri-Cities, where Rep. Klippert hails from, has dealt with issues concerning pot shops and boundaries.


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