Shootout between police and wanted kidnapping suspect at Des Moines Safeway parking lot

DES MOINES, Wash. — A wanted man was located in a Safeway parking lot by the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force on Wednesday, according to Des Moines police.

Around 3:09 p.m., there was a shooting at 27035 Pacific Highway South.

Investigators said they got word a suspect, later identified by the U.S. Marshal’s Office as Francisco Luis Rodriguez — wanted on assault and kidnapping charges — was at a gas station that shares a parking lot with the grocery store.

“When they went to arrest the suspect, the suspect fired a handgun at the officers and the members of the team. They returned fire,” said Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette of the Seattle Police Department.

Detectives said Rodriguez then ran across the parking lot towards the Safeway, where officers shot him in the legs and arms. Nollette said a Seattle officer and a DOC officer were the ones who opened fire.

“First time seeing anything like that over here,” said Jaylen Ramsey. He works in the same plaza where the shooting occurred.

“I wasn’t expecting on coming into work and next thing you know, it’s a whole shoot out,” said Ramsey, who adds “it was right out in the open in the parking lot. All them cars and stuff right there. I’m very surprised nobody else was injured.”

Police said they recovered the suspect’s gun at the scene. The Office of Police Accountability will be looking into the shooting.