Police say ‘prolific pickpocket’ strikes again on Metro bus

KING COUNTY, Wash. — Police said a man they call a “prolific pickpocket” is at it again, stealing wallets from passengers on King County Metro buses.

More than a year after KIRO 7 reported on the thief, a new victim reached out to us.

“These guys act quickly, and it’s really scary, right?” said Gen Sakura, who was sitting near the back of a King County Metro bus on May 22 when a thief stole his wallet right out of his front pocket.

“I was on a Zoom call. My attention was on my phone, right?” he said.

Surveillance images show that as Sakura sat toward the door, a pickpocket reached through a hole in the seat.

King County sheriff’s investigators believe the pickpocket is Edward Maloy, 59.

In a February 2020 KIRO 7 story, detectives called him a “prolific pickpocket” with a criminal history in several states.

King County prosecutors said they’ve charged Maloy 10 times in the last 10 years.

“I saw an article on KIRO talking about him, and I’m like there’s no way it’s this guy. He has to be still in jail,” Sakura said.

In fact, officials said a judge released Maloy in October 2020 over the objections of prosecutors.

“He took more than five hundred dollars from my accounts,” Sakura said.

He discovered his wallet missing pretty quickly and called his bank to stop the cards within a half-hour of the theft.

But police said Maloy had already bought gift cards from Starbucks, Target and CVS.

“Pretty all-over-the-place shopping spree. Must be nice for him, right?” Sakura said.

“He’s found success in this pickpocket technique. Whether it’s a bump or a diversion, he’s able to get his hands on your wallet,” said Sgt. Tim Meyer of the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Sakura never noticed anything, which is why he wants to warn others.

“If this guy’s out there, you want to watch out,” he said.

Meyer said Maloy has at least two active warrants, and detectives are looking for him.