Police: gas station clerk shoots, kills alleged armed robber in Auburn

AUBURN, Wash. — An investigation is underway after a clerk at an Auburn gas station reportedly shot and killed a man who allegedly attempted an armed robbery.

Auburn police responded to the Shell gas station at 2nd Street and Auburn Way South at around 11:40 p.m. on Monday.

“When we responded on scene, we did find one male who had been shot and killed,” said Kolby Crossley, Public Information Officer for the Auburn Police Department. “What we determined is that that male was involved in an armed robbery at that Shell gas station.”

Auburn police say the store clerk, who had a weapon on him, took action into his own hands and shot the 19-year-old robbery suspect.

“You know, it’s depressing. I own guns myself, but it’s getting out of hand,” said Dwight Mahoney, an Auburn resident. “I’m glad the store clerk was able to defend himself. That’s all you can do, that’s why I have my weapons … it’s just mainly for self defense.”

People who had heard about this incident told KIRO 7′s Briseida Holguin that there’s been a constant rise in crime in Auburn.

Auburn police say this is the second death that happened within six hours, as a man was shot or bludgeoned to death by his roommate on Monday evening.

Investigators are now reviewing evidence, along with any surveillance footage.

Police say the store clerk has not been charged with a crime, at this point in time.

“We’re treating this like we do any homicide case,” said Crossley. “Whether the clerk will face any charges or whether that clerk will be in trouble, that is … strictly up to the prosecutor’s office.”

This is an ongoing investigation.