Plans move forward for new cruise terminal in Seattle near Pioneer Square

SEATTLE — The busy cruise season is just around the corner, and plans are now moving forward for a brand-new terminal near Pioneer Square.

The Port of Seattle this week voted to look for a private partnership to develop a single-berth cruise facility at Terminal 46 near 1st and Main.

“It will be a 50-to-50 split with a private cruise company,” said Stephanie Bowman, Port of Seattle Commission President. “It’s going to be big not just for Pioneer Square, it’s actually a big regional impact.”

The $200 million investment will convert about 30 acres of the terminal, which mainly now handles cargo ships, to also accommodate cruise visitors during the summer months.

This comes as the cruise industry continues to boom in Washington, with a projected 1.2 million passengers expected here this year.

With a new light rail station set to be located near Terminal 46, within the next 10 years, the new berth will give visitors another option to get to SeaTac.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Sound Transit and have (a) more seamless connection for passengers to perhaps take light rail to (the) airport and terminal,” said Bowman.

Terminal 46 will offer a fourth berth for the Port and third Terminal. Cruise ships are currently allowed to dock at Terminal 66 near Belltown and Terminal 91 near Interbay.

The Port of Seattle could secure a new partner by summer or fall and the new terminal is set to be completed by cruise season in 2022.

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