Pike Place Market sign, clock undergoing restoration

SEATTLE — People in downtown Seattle will see the iconic Pike Place Market “public market center” clock and sign covered up starting Friday.

They are undergoing a restoration and preservation project and will remain covered until June. Scaffolding around the sign went up on May 9 and the work is slated to begin Friday.

For the next five weeks, local contractor NOVO will be busy painting and cleaning the rooftop sign to help it stand out more.

“You will see the letters pop more in the daytime. The sign will look shiny,” NOVO owner Cole Palea told the market.

It’s been more than 15 years since the clock and sign have been painted. The sign is three stories tall with fragile neon lights.

“When you are trying to preserve the look of the sign and its intricate markings, that part really needs to get mapped out and it’s hand done,” Cole said. “From the street, those details don’t look like much, but up close you can see them.”

A team of three people will complete the job including setup, prepping cleaning, painting and removing the scaffolding. The metal sign will be painted with enamel to help it withstand sun, rain and snow for years.

The restored sign will be unveiled June 14.

According to Pike Place Market, the market was open for 21 years before the iconic clock and sign were put up in 1928.

The market has been operating for 114 years.

Get updates on the project at this link.