‘No, I do not want this to keep happening,’ another street takeover in Seattle

WEST SEATTLE, Wash. — Some people who live by Southwest Alaska Street and 42nd Avenue Southwest have shared videos with KIRO 7 of a supposed street racing takeover event late Saturday night into Sunday morning.

In the video, a huge group of people are outside the QFC at the corner as one car is doing donuts in the middle of the intersection.

One man KIRO 7 spoke with woke up to the roaring engines.

“A bunch of tires squealing. Loud engines roaring at 1 a.m. last night. Woke me up,” Misha, who lives a block away from the intersection, said.

Some people didn’t hear any of the commotion, but when our crews showed the video, it definitely caught people by surprise.

“We don’t really hear it too much, but I was totally surprised here it happened just half a block away from us,” Jon, who lives a block away from the intersection, said.

This isn’t the first big street racing takeover to happen in Seattle in recent weeks. Back in mid-May, hundreds gathered in Lower Queen Anne for a street racing takeover, and an SPD patrol car was kicked by someone.

When KIRO 7 last checked, no arrests had been made in the case. Although it’s not clear as to why these street takeovers continue to happen, some people in West Seattle worry it could become a bigger problem.

“Like they’ll just move to the next block or the next neighborhood or something like that, you know. So, it’s hard for the police to keep up with that kind of stuff,” Jon said.

KIRO 7 has reached out to Seattle Police for more details on what happened Sunday morning and is still waiting for that response.

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