New technology could help Kent police ward off street racers

KENT, Wash. — Kent police are hoping to become part of a pilot program to help deter Illegal street racing.

There is a new technology just approved by the legislature that will be tested in a pilot program.

The device reportedly measures loud exhaust systems and then triggers a camera to capture the vehicle's license plate.

It's similar to red light cameras and school zone traffic cameras that catch speeding drivers.

Fines for violations haven't been determined.

Kent police have a problem with hundreds of people showing up to race on weekend nights on the industrial streets and parking lots at the north end of the city.

Police have tried major crackdowns and made numerous arrests, but the problem has been ongoing.

In December 2015, Joshua O'Neal was convicted of vehicular homicide when a passenger in his car died in a crash as he was speeding down 72nd Avenue South.

Paige Glover was killed when O'Neal lost control and hit a semi head-on.

KIRO 7 Reporter Rob Munoz is working to find out when the technology will be available and breaking down exactly how it works for our 5 p.m. newscast.

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