New bodycam shows moments before and after SPD officer hit and killed 23-year-old

SEATTLE — New body camera footage shows the moments before and after a Seattle police officer hit and killed 23-year-old Jaahnavi Kandula with his patrol vehicle.

This happened back in January in the South Lake neighborhood. Since then, it’s gained international attention, after separate footage released earlier this month showed another officer laughing and joking about the incident.

The new video released Friday shows Officer Kevin Dave behind the wheel of his patrol vehicle. In it, you can see that while his lights are visibly on, they’re only periodically chirped at red lights as he’s driving.

After hitting Kandula, he can be seen calling it in over his radio and getting out of his vehicle.

A report on the incident released in June found that Dave was driving 74 miles an hour in a 25-mile-an-hour zone

“If Dave had been traveling 50 MPH or less as he approached the intersection ... this collision would not have occurred,” the report concluded.