Mount St. Helens is recharging, earthquakes peaked in June

SKAMANIA COUNTY, Wash. — 350 earthquakes at Mount St. Helens since February is a sign that new magma is moving into the volcano according to USGS.

On Tuesday, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) announced in an X post that Mount St. Helens is likely going through a process called recharge.

“Recharge has been observed in the past at #MountStHelens & other volcanoes, " USGS wrote.

The steady increase in earthquakes, most under magnitude 1.0, suggests that recharge is occurring.

The earthquakes are too small to be felt on the ground and do not mean the volcano is preparing to erupt.

The USGS wrote that there is no change in hazards or signs of ground deformation, changes in its gases, or thermal emissions.

When asked if residents should be concerned, USGS wrote that they just wanted to share interesting observed volcanic data and that residents should not be alarmed.

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