More than 100 Seattle businesses closed for good because of COVID-19, other issues

SEATTLE — A new report from the Downtown Seattle Association shows how COVID-19 is impacting businesses not only in Seattle, but throughout the Puget Sound.

About 1,300 business have closed throughout the region, including more than 100 in Seattle.

People who visit downtown Seattle told KIRO 7′s Deedee Sun that it’s clear that businesses are struggling.

“Ghost town,” said Chester Grays, works downtown. “It feels empty.”

The report from the DSA says many of the 112 businesses across Seattle that have shut down permanently many were downtown.

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While the news may come as a shock to some, it’s not surprising to those who live or work in the area.

“The whole makeup of downtown in the six years I’ve been here has changed so much,” said Scott Miller, who lives downtown.

The DSA says Seattle built itself to rely on conventions, events, businesses and leisure travel, so the pandemic is hitting the area especially hard.

However, DSA officials say COVID-19 and plummeting foot traffic have only exacerbated existing problems, including shoplifting and the cost of paying for security.

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The only full-service grocery store in downtown Seattle closed Friday due to economic, social and political issues.

The DSA says it’s going to take a collaborative approach by the city to help businesses get through the issues they’re facing.

The easiest way to help the businesses is to support them, because without the big conventions the city is used to hosting downtown, they’re forced to rely on local customers.