More Seattle businesses implementing ‘No Vaccine, No Service’ policies

SEATTLE — From Capitol Hill to Belltown, businesses in Seattle are adopting requirements for customers to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

For owners like Erik Hakkinen, who opened Roquette months before the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a matter of keeping people safe and his doors open.

“If you’re not vaccinated, just please don’t come in,” Hakkinen said. “We’re not taking a political stance on it or anything. We’re just saying for the safety of our clientele and our staff, please just stay at home until this blows over.”

Hakkinen also requires his employees to be vaccinated. While Roquette provides adequate spacing between patrons, it also boasts intimate spacing and ambiance.

“This is not the kind of environment you’d want to be unvaccinated. Working with the public and with handling drinks and food, you’ve got to be as safe as possible about it,” Hakkinen said. “Everybody here is vaccinated. We keep proof of vaccination at the bar. It’s hyper important to us.”

Others businesses in Belltown are also implementing “No Vaccine, No Service” policies, including Navy Strength, Vinnie’s, Trade Wind’s Tavern, and Rob Roy. (All four businesses operate under the same ownership.)

“Proof of full vaccination required to sit inside,” reads a sign outside Navy Strength, Vinnie’s, and Trade Wind’s Tavern. “All guests (including those vaccinated) must wear masks when not seated at your table and when speaking with a member of our staff. No exceptions. Thank you.”

Several businesses in Capitol Hill previously announced similar policies. The Doctor’s Office and Queer/Bar both announced customers must show vaccination proof before being allowed inside. Queer/Bar does not require masks once a customer is confirmed to have been administered a COVID-19 vaccine.

C C Attle’s (or CC’s) announced its own vaccination policy in May. The establishment does not require masks as long as vaccination proof is provided.

That’s not the case for the following Belltown businesses: Roquette, Navy Strength, Vinnie’s, Trade Wind’s Tavern, and Rob Roy. All require customers to put masks on if they are not at a table drinking or eating, regardless of vaccination status.

“We all need to pitch in. This is a community effort. Everybody needs to get vaccinated, so we’re not still doing this in a year,” Hakkinen said. “We don’t need the state to shut us down to be safe. It’s already happened twice now, and I don’t know where we’re going to be if it happens again.”