A message from Steve Raible


We talked about this a few months ago, stepping back to spend more time with my bride, Sharon.

Tonight, we make it official – announcing our retirement from KIRO 7. We will still have some time together. I will not be retiring until the late spring.

You have trusted me to be a part of a remarkable team of journalists, photographers, and news managers for more than three decades. Thank you for that trust. And thank you for inviting me into your home.

The great journalism you have counted on from KIRO 7 will continue with Monique and Morgan and Jesse and Dave Wagner and the finest group of professionals it has been my pleasure to work with.

I won’t be leaving you entirely. I will still be your voice of the Seahawks and I will join you here on KIRO 7 for special occasions.

I know your first choice for news and information will continue to be KIRO 7. It will be for me too. But by spring’s end, I’ll be watching at home along with all of you.

A wise man said, “Choose a work that you love, and you won’t have to work another day.” I have, and now it’s time to let another sit in this chair. I look forward to these final couple of months with you and with my colleagues because there’s still a lot of work to do.


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