May Day rally for immigrant, worker rights moves through Seattle

SEATTLE — May 1 is known as a day for marches and rallies across the region, particularly surrounding workers’ rights. In Seattle, that took the form of a Monday march organized by a collection of local labor groups.

The march started at the federal building in downtown Seattle, where hundreds gathered starting around 11:30 a.m. After that, it moved through downtown past the Amazon Spheres toward Denny Park.

Jeff Bezos has long been a target of these protests, who they say represents the billionaire class that owes its money laborers. KIRO 7 is told 17 organizations formed this worker coalition.

One issue they are especially upset about -- the upcoming Asia Pacific Corporation’s Officials and Ministerial meetings being held this summer in Seattle. Marchers say APEC is the embodiment of the globalization that has robbed Americans of good paying jobs.

They are promising more protests when that meeting comes to Seattle in August.