Man recalls nearly getting shot multiple times in his car by Northgate

Andrew Belnap and his dog Chance were driving on Interstate 5 last month near Northgate when they were caught in a hail of gunfire. Four bullets struck Belnap’s vehicle but luckily none of the bullets hit him or his dog, Chance.

“This bullet that hit in the rear door here,” Belnap explained. “He (Chance) sits right here in this corner you can see the bullet went right through where he sits you can see the damage all the way through to the other side.”

Belnap said he remembers a vehicle pulling in front of him and slowing down, then coming up alongside him later and that’s when the shots rang out.

“I noticed them coming up and I was just focused on what I was doing and the next thing I heard was just gunfire and like a flash, it was multiple shots and four hit my car,” he said. One of the four bullets hit the passenger window but again, luckily didn’t go through or hit Belnap.

“Like the troopers said it felt like the universe didn’t, wasn’t done with me yet because that bullet that went through the glass there it didn’t go all the way through it just kind of disappeared into thin air,” Belnap said. The suspects in this case still have not been caught. Trooper Rick Johnson of Washington State Patrol said there have been 12 drive-by freeway shootings in King County so far in 2023.

“Last year I think they investigated a total of I want to say 50, maybe a little bit more, but any shooting is one too many for us,” Johnson said. Belnap hopes by speaking out that others will come forward so that those responsible are caught.

“It’s ridiculous like I don’t get it I don’t understand what is going through peoples’ heads that is fun about that,” he said “What is fun about putting someone’s life in danger?” If you have any information call WSP.

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