Man charged with attempted rape of teen in Seattle

SEATTLE — A man was charged with the attempted rape of a teenager in Seattle after grabbing her by the throat and squeezing her breast, according to court documents.

At around 12:30 p.m. on April 13, Seattle police responded to a report of a man who had attempted to grab and strangle a girl by North 48th Street and Linden Avenue in Seattle.

“I was wearing a backpack, and suddenly it got pulled back, and this guy grabbed me by my neck, and then started groping me,” the victim told KIRO 7.

As the girl lost her grasp on the dog leash, the man wrapped his right hand around her throat, breaking the gold chain around her neck.

As the man smiled and chuckled at her, his left hand slid across her chest from left to right, stopping to grope her right breast over her clothes for a few seconds.

The man attempted to go under her shirt, but was unable to because the girl’s shirt was tucked in.

As the girl attempted to pull away from the man, she pushed away with her legs, but the man laughed as her attempt to escape failed.

The girl’s dog then sprang into action.

“My dog whipped around, bit him right on the leg, and he let go,” she recalled.

The girl immediately ran off, crying and screaming for help. She found a woman who called the Seattle police.

“I’ve never ran that fast in my life. My dog’s leash snapped from that,” she said.

Joseph Randall Seago, 35, was placed in handcuffs by officers around 12:39 p.m.

An officer told Seago he was accused of assault and wanted to hear his point of view.

Seago reportedly told the officer, “Yeah, fine, whatever, and uh… I wanted to f*** her right there.”

The officer asked Seago to clarify what he meant by ‘her.’

Seago motioned toward the girl, saying, “Uh… the child over there.”

Officers asked Seago what happened, and he said, “Uh… I grabbed her and uh… tried to take her shirt off and she screamed.”

At that point, Seago was arrested for sexual assault.

An officer discussed consent with Seago, to which he replied, “I’m not a fan of consent.”

According to court documents, Seago has a history of child sexual abuse.

The state asked for bail to be set at $750,000.