2 men arrested for throwing rocks onto Seattle freeways

SEATTLE — Two men suspected of throwing objects off overpasses in Seattle in separate incidents were arrested.

Trooper Rick Johnson said one of the men arrested was wearing a headlamp while riding a bike and throwing rocks off Dearborn Avenue near I-90 around 3 a.m. Sunday. He was identified as 42-year-old Mario Hansen.

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He was arrested by a sergeant who was on a foot patrol because of ongoing issues in the area.

A second man was arrested for allegedly throwing rocks onto I-5 near the Convention Center in Seattle early Monday morning.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office is working closely with law enforcement to stop such incidents from happening again, but police said there could be more suspects.

“We’ve seen that before and it’s terrifying. I think everybody, as it’s been in the news more, worries about it when you go under the overpass. We argued in court (Monday) it was necessary to put bail at $100,000 because we don’t want someone else to get hurt,” said Casey McNerthney with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

There have been several recent incidents on I-5 and I-90 where cars have been damaged and people were hurt from items being thrown from the overpass.

A few weeks ago, a piece or rebar crashed through a driver’s window.

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On Saturday, a Tacoma man said “luck” is what saved him when someone tossed a sign from an I-5 overpass, shattering his windshield.

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