Driver knocked out by rock thrown across I-90

SEATTLE — A driver was hurt in a crash along Interstate 90 in Seattle after they were hit in the face with a rock that was thrown across the freeway, state troopers said.

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Trooper Rick Johnson said a black Dodge Challenger was traveling eastbound near Rainier Avenue South at 11:15 p.m. Monday when a rock was thrown through the car’s windshield from a light rail construction site.

Troopers said the driver sustained a facial injury and was knocked unconscious by the rock, which crashed through the windshield. The car then hit a barrier before coming to stop in the HOV lane.

The car’s windshield was completely shattered and the front end of the car was also damaged.

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Washington State Patrol troopers have been concerned about the issue of objects being thrown onto the highway and are investigating incidents on Mercer Island that happened in early June.

“You have your car moving at freeway speed and an object like that can go through a window. There’s a potential for great bodily harm, if not worse,” Trooper Rick Johnson told KIRO 7 earlier this month.

The driver was transported to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Troopers said there are no suspects in the incident, which is being investigated as an assault.

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