Lots to see, discover and appreciate at hidden gems in Snohomish County

EDMONDS, Wash. — Tucked away in Snohomish County, you’ll find one hidden gem that has the best oceanfront view and park to picnic in.

Picnic Point in Edmonds has got a little something for everyone. Families find joy in the flower fields or along the beach during low tide, “...there are tons of sea creatures here, and when you flip over a rock, there’s usually hundreds of baby crabs just skittering all over the place,” — that’s what one kid tells KIRO 7.

Baby crabs and seashells of all shapes and sizes aren’t the only things you’ll see there. On a clear day, you have a gorgeous view of Whidbey Island and the Olympics. For those with an imagination, you’ll also find remnants of old structures lodged in the sand.

One visitor tells us one site, in particular, is a personal favorite: ”I like to see the old pillars that are still sitting in the sand and stuff because it kind of tells the story of what might’ve been here before, like a little dock at some point or some kind of port.”

Lots to discover, see, and appreciate at Picnic Point.

Leashed pets are welcome to accompany you, but if you’re looking to let your dog loose to enjoy the warmer weather and cool ocean waters, look no further than Edmonds Marina Beach Off Leash Dog Park. It’s not hidden per se, but it’s certainly a gem! So much so that we should warn you it does get busy, and parking is limited!