‘It's not first-degree (rape) because I didn't slap her,' suspect tells police

SEATTLE — ‘It’s not first-degree (rape) because I didn’t slap her,” a man told police after being accused of raping another patient at a Seattle health facility, according to court documents.

Police say Michael Wayne Walker forced himself onto and raped a female patient staying at NAVOS, a facility at 2600 SW Holden Street that includes services for mental health and substance abuse.

The incident happened about 8:30 p.m. on April 22, the police said.

The sleeping victim awoke to find Walker on top of her, according to the police report.

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The victim told police Walker held her arms down on the bed and forcibly penetrated her and continued to do so, even after telling him to stop several times, police documents said.  She told police she recognized him from around the facility.

Walker eventually stopped after one of the victim’s roommates went to get help, police documents said. Walker reportedly asked for a kiss after he stopped, documents said.

One of the victim’s roommates told police she had a cover over her head and was awakened by a repeated thumping noise, and ran to a facility employee and reported her roommate was being raped, police said.

Officers who were called to the facility arrested Walker. He told them that she requested him to come to her room and he agreed, according to the police report.

While being interviewed by police, Walker inquired about what degree of rape he would be charged with, which is when he allegedly made the first-degree comment.

In court documents, Walker is listed as having prior convictions of second-degree attempted burglary, indecent exposure, malicious mischief and several others.

Walker’s bail is set at $125,000.