‘If I’m gonna die, everyone else is going to die’: Tense moments with armed suspect, victim in Lacey

LACEY, Wash. — On Sunday, officers responded to a home in Lacey for a welfare check after a 911 call with “a lot of chaos and yelling on the line.”

Dispatchers didn’t know what was going on but heard a male voice say, “If I’m gonna die, everyone else is going to die.”

Responding officers didn’t have an exact address but did know the area where the call came from. Once in the area police saw a man walking out of a home with a shotgun.

The man went back into the home when he saw police. He later came back out without the gun and was detained.

Inside the home a woman led officers to the loaded shotgun. She said the two were getting a divorce.

Before the 911 call she says her husband had gone through her phone and confronted her over text messages she’d gotten. She says he struck her and threatened to kill her while holding the gun.

She then used her phone to call 911 and says what dispatch heard was the man grabbing her phone and throwing it, shattering the screen.

The husband was booked for four domestic violence charges including assault.