Highway 2, Stevens Pass expected to reopen Monday

SKYKOMISH, Wash. — Crews are working to reopen a miles-long stretch of U.S. Highway 2, including Stevens Pass, on Monday.

The highway has been closed between Sunset Falls and Skykomish due to fire and tree danger.

The closure began on Sept. 10 when the Bolt Creek wildfire erupted. Hundreds of trees were damaged. Some fell onto the road or were close enough to the highway to pose a threat.

The fire has burned more than 10,000 acres.

On Wednesday, the Washington State Department of Transportation said crews are working toward reopening the highway on Monday, Sept. 26, as they continue to remove burned roadside trees.

If U.S. 2 reopens Monday, there may be reduced speed limits and delays.

Washington State Parks arborists removed 50 to 60 burned trees on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, winds pushed a plume of smoke from the wildfire down into the Seattle area and beyond, causing air quality to plummet to the “unhealthy” level.